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You want professional advice that will help support and guide your decision.

You’ve been putting off making that decision. That doesn’t stop it keeping you up at night – you are worried about the outcome.

The deadline is looming and it’s time to make a decision. Who do you reach out to, to protect your interests, to calmly explain your options, to give you the reassurance you’re looking for.

The professional staff at Duffy Elliott will provide an honest, pro-active response, detailing the options that will shape your decision.

Our ability to listen, attention to detail, commercial acumen, and lateral thinking will earn your trust.

Our straightforward approach ensures you save money by saving you time.

Clients trust us with their property, assets, family issues and business concerns

For over 100 years, clients in and around Dubbo have sought the guidance of Duffy Elliott Lawyers (formerly MJ Duffy & Son) before making decisions. They rely on us to solve disputes when problems arise. Our clients deserve and will receive our highest quality service each time.

If you have a legal issue or want legal advice call us today to begin to solve your problem.

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You need a lawyer; Duffy Elliott provides a range of services to support local business, family, and property issues.